by Max Kutner

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These pieces were composed and recorded daily over the month of January 2018. With this release, I wanted to depart from my hitherto tightly-held notions of what was necessary to deem an album worthy of sharing publicly as well as the concept of releasing with a schedule for post-production, promotion, label considerations and other expensive, drawn-out conditions of such an endeavor.

The catalyst for this came from my friend guitarist/composer, Alex Wand and his community-based website Song-A-Day-For-A-Month. Bi-annually, Alex hosts a site where our greater community of friends and colleagues compose and transmit daily pieces of music. Once uploaded, fellow participants can listen and comment on each other's work. Without this resource, this album would not exist.

Each of these 15 items was recorded initially into my phone and then mixed using a open-source music editing program called Audacity on my home laptop. Many of them are solo guitar pieces with a few deviations that might feature samples of other instruments as well as lyrics that I actually sing. Further information about each piece, including the way they were made, what prompted their creation and so on is available by clicking on the 'INFO' link next to each track on the main album page. The link will be visible if you hover just to the right of the track length.

While the lo-fi recording quality and ramshackle nature of this music may cause you to scratch your chin or perhaps scoff, I feel that it speaks somewhat comprehensively to my own personal musical interests and adequately accounts for my abilities as a performer and composer. Each piece originated from a personal influence or inspiration and thus this album could be seen as somewhat of an in-depth, candid portrait of my musical mind.

In any event, I was not interested in releasing this music commercially when it was being written but taken as a whole, I find it uniquely compelling.



released February 1, 2018

All tracks written, performed, recorded and mixed by Max Kutner (Maladept Music/ASCAP).

Recorded on a Motorola G 2nd Gen in my apartment in Los Angeles, CA. Mixed and edited in Audacity. All over January 2018.


all rights reserved



Max Kutner Los Angeles, California

Max Kutner is a guitarist/composer originally from Las Vegas, NV currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.

He is a member of the Magic Band, Evil Genius, The Royal US, Android Trio and many other active groups.

His debut solo album, "Disaffection Finds Its Pure Form", will be jointly released on Silber Records and Records ad Nauseam in September 2017.
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Track Name: Broken Media
I shrink before my media
Like a hair that gets close to an open flame.
Humbled by the prophets
Delivering news that always seems the same.
A lingering flavor of futility
Colors every effort to resist
Still, the only thing to do
Is smash these things to little bits

I scream at broken media
Like a cell deprived of nutrients.
Hijacked by entertainment peddlers
Fluent only in fleeting internet trends.
Trying my best to avoid being blunted
By the hammering assault of big TV.
This computer offers more but feels no better.
Go outside! The experience is still free.

The veneer is not the same thing as the thing.
These people would have you think that it was.
They overwhelm with options so you can choose
Some representation of a thing that once was.
Virtual reality is not virtuous at all.
It's not reality and that's a fact.
My friends, stay the course. Refuse to be defeated
Or broken media will emerge intact.
Track Name: My Morning Thoughts
The pen I used to write this set of words
Came all the way from the Chelsea Football Club
It was the nicest hotel (my first in London).
I remember it with a smile and all my love.

I wonder if that spider near my window
Will grow itself a longer pair of legs.
I'm sure it'll eat my brains if I do nothing.
I accept this fate as sealed.

Thanks to Ryan Parrish for the coffee.
Tasty notes of plum straight from the roast.
You're a stand-up kind of dude for the occasion
And when it comes to playing baritone, you're the most.

My car sits in a spot where sweeping's scheduled
Noon-3 on Friday or so it says.
If I don't heed the notice they'll cite me for my nerve.
How dare I park in the way of civic service?

Tonight I'll see a concert from some dear friends.
If some of them are listening now, "Hello".
It's at a secret local venue, presumably a house.
That's all I've got for now. Take care. Goodbye.
Track Name: The Permanent Boy
I am the permanent boy.
Walking an impertinent path
Trying not to let the brass tacks
Clutter up the larger map
Without a care in the world
Except your company
Maybe some promotion down the road
Should you look upon my efforts favorably
though an imperfect structure
It's the only glorious game
Any alternative pursuit
Would be a terrible shame

To me, the permanent boy.

Where did you learn
Where did you figure
Crossing my path, spelling my name
Sounding out the vowels and tripping every trigger.
Now I stammer for the meaning
And linger for the sound
Laughing hard all the while
Even though you're not around.
I said I'm permanent
I really meant it then
A look from you is all the same
Such a fatal compliment

To me, the permanent boy.

Now I'm still a permanent boy
Permanently impatient, I know.
Perfectly inappropriate as far as
Would-be suitors go.
Seems this'll be a passing thought
Barely worth a mention
An idea bouncing time to time
In my mind's terminal dimension
You've got to board your flight
It's not the time, I know.
Well, here's another scuffed little ember
To hold before you go.

From another permanent boy.
The permanent boy.

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